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Why You Shouldn't Use An Auto Glass DIY Kit

While looking to save time and money, you may find it easier to purchase an auto glass DIY kit and perform a glass repair yourself. But this is usually a mistake that will make it more expensive and challenging for auto glass repair technicians to fix the glass. Even worse is if your windshield becomes damaged, since this piece of glass is designed to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. There are several other reasons why you should take your car to an auto glass repair shop instead.

DIY Kits are Inferior to Auto Glass Shop Equipment

If you do settle on using a DIY repair kit, do not buy the cheapest one. Cheaper kits do not come with the equipment or materials needed to properly repair a windshield and may instead cause more damage. The resin is not as strong and will leave the window more vulnerable to cracking. Also, to work properly, the resin may need to be applied under the right temperature and humidity conditions that you may find difficult to replicate outside the shop. Even better kits tend to yield worse results than a professional glass repair job.

DIY Tools are Sometimes Defective

The tools are often poorly-aligned. For example, if the suction cup is not placed directly over the crack, the repair will be less likely to hold. Also, depending on your windshield, you may need different tools.

Insurance Companies Don't Cover DIY Repairs

Check with your insurance company to make sure, but most will not cover damages resulting from a defective DIY repair job. Clarify with your car manufacturer the type of car repairs that might void your warranty as well. Often, your insurance company covers the cost of glass repairs, making a DIY repair unnecessary.

Glass Repair is Difficult

Even if you purchase the best kit available, it is easy to make small mistakes while following instructions that could lead to a botched repair job. If an auto repair technician makes a mistake, he or she will usually cover the cost of correcting the mistake. Also, the auto glass repair job is usually covered by a warranty.

DIY kits can cause small chips to form into cracks, and these cracks can then grow large enough to warrant a full windshield replacement. Because DIY enthusiasts sometimes make mistakes when repairing their windshields and because they often do not have the steady hand of an experienced repair technician, you should first consider traveling to an auto repair shop. They often have better equipment that can repair your damaged glass in a manner that leaves it more durable. 

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