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Three Benefits Of Glass Fireplace Doors

Now that fall temperatures are starting to settle in, the cooler evenings may have you thinking about lighting the fireplace again. Before you start using your fireplace this season, you should not only have it thoroughly inspected, but you should also take some time to think about safety upgrades and aesthetic upgrades. In fact, you can improve both the safety and the appearance of your fireplace with one single change – glass doors. Here's a look at what you should know about the benefits of glass fireplace doors.

Improving the Safety of the Fireplace

An open fireplace needs to have a screen or other protective barrier in front of it to protect the room and your family from the hazards of sparks or embers coming out. As the fire burns down, the ash can shift. This causes the logs to settle, which can send hot embers out of an open fireplace as well. When you add glass doors to your fireplace, the doors will create a barrier that protects your home and your family from those embers.

Enhancing the Appearance of the Fireplace

Fireplaces are available in many styles with many types of materials, from stone to brick. Unlike metal safety screens, glass works well with any of these materials, so adding glass doors creates a cohesive appearance no matter what your fireplace is crafted from. And, if you invest in smoky glass for the fireplace, you can block visibility into the space, which keeps unsightly ash and debris out of view. You can even choose from bi-fold or cabinet doors depending on the style of your home. If you have a rustic fireplace, you may find that cabinet doors are a nice addition.

Reduce the Cold Air from the Fireplace

If you've ever wandered by an unlit open fireplace in the cold weather months, you've probably felt the draft that can seep in beyond the damper. Since dampers aren't airtight, there's no way to prevent this with an open fireplace. Adding glass doors to the front will provide a barrier that keeps the cold draft from drifting into your room. This can save you significantly in climate control costs over time.

As you can see, glass fireplace doors have many benefits. Before you start your fireplace for the season, talk with a fireplace repair technician such as Direct Chimney Services chimney rebuilds about your options for upgrades and enhancements like these doors. He or she can help you determine what kind of door will fit your fireplace best and even handle the installation for you if you choose.