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Need More Room In Your Home? Start By Using The Garage Better

Do you need more space inside your home? The answer for many homeowners is to simply toss more stuff out into the garage to be stored haphazardly... and maybe never to be found again! But you can do your home's functionality and your own sanity a favor by using the garage space more wisely. Here are 4 ideas that can add usefulness to the garage and free up space inside the house, no matter whether your budget is small or large.

Bring out the laundry.

The laundry or utility room inside your home is probably taking up valuable space that you could use for other things. So, why not move the washer, dryer, furnace or water heater out to the garage? You can design a small extra room for these items by adding an interior wall along the wall between your house and the garage. Place an entry door to the new laundry area that's easily accessible from the house so that you don't have to traipse through the garage to do your chores. 

Live it up.

Do you have a kid who still lives at home, or are you worried about your parents or grandparents living by themselves? Adding a living space above the garage is a great way to give a family member some freedom while still being part of the family. Run plumbing, water and sewer lines up to the attic of the garage and use this as a base for your addition. If your current design is short on space above, work with a qualified design company to make the best use of limited space for a remodel. 

Add an office. 

Trying to squeeze a home office into your family's existing space can prove to be frustrating and lacking in privacy. So, try moving the whole home office out to the garage. Design a true work space by adding interior walls and an exterior entrance so you can treat the space like a real business area. If the garage suffers from temperature extremes that make working uncomfortable, add insulation to the interior walls and raise the floor so that you can add some insulation below your feet as well. 

Storage systems.

Obviously, no garage use list could be complete without addressing how to maximize storage inside it. Use the space wisely by looking at storage systems that hang from the ceiling, are easily moved around or can be wall-mounted. If you need to store more sensitive items that are taking up room in the house, create a climate-controlled room or closet within the garage -- complete with insulation, proper ventilation, a door and floor insulation if needed. 

Adding square footage to your home doesn't have to mean tearing up the house or moving. By making better use of the space within your existing garage, you can create more room for the family in ways that will really make a difference. If you don't know where to start, consult with a North Battleford Interior design company to explore your options today.