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Four Tips For Keeping Birds Out Of Your Eavestroughs

If you've ever been out in your yard and heard a mysterious scratching sound coming from your roof, there's a good chance what you're hearing is birds as they move around your eavestroughs. While you might like some feathered friends taking up residence on your property, you most certainly don't want them nesting in your eavestroughs. Their nests can disrupt the flow of water, which can lead to numerous problems with the eavestroughs themselves and even your roof. As such, it's smart to take a series of steps that will reduce the likelihood of any neighbourhood birds taking up residence in your eavestroughs. Here are some ideas to pursue.

Install Eavestrough Covers

Arguably the most effective way to encourage neighbourhood birds to find another location to build their nests is to hire a Kelowna Eavestroughing company to install covers on your eavestroughs. These screen-like covers are designed to impede the entrance of leaves and other organic matter into the eavestroughs, while still allowing water to flow through, but they're an ideal way to send birds on their way, too. The position of the covers means that the birds won't be able to gain any access to the eavestroughs and will have to look for another place to build their nests.

Put Up Bird Houses In Your Yard

If you enjoy the presence of birds in your yard but just want to keep them away from your eavestroughs, you can try putting up bird houses in the trees. With these ready-made homes available for the birds that visit your yard, there's a chance that they'll focus on settling down in the houses instead of in your eavestroughs.

Use A Fake Bird Of Prey

If you've ever seen a home with a large, plastic owl standing guard, it's likely being used to dissuade birds from inhabiting the area. The average bird is afraid of an owl but unable to differentiate a plastic owl from a real one — and the statue should be enough to keep birds away. Buying one of more of these owls and hanging them from trees near your roof can be an effective way to keep birds away from your eavestroughs.

Invest In A Sonic Repelling Device

A high-tech way to keep birds away from your eavestroughs and likely out of your yard as a whole is with a sonic repelling device. These electronic gadgets emit the sounds of birds of prey, which is enough to discourage the average bird from wanting to spend too much time in your yard.