Four Tips For Keeping Birds Out Of Your Eavestroughs

If you've ever been out in your yard and heard a mysterious scratching sound coming from your roof, there's a good chance what you're hearing is birds as they move around your eavestroughs. While you might like some feathered friends taking up residence on your property, you most certainly don't want them nesting in your eavestroughs. Their nests can disrupt the flow of water, which can lead to numerous problems with the eavestroughs themselves and even your roof.

Need More Room In Your Home? Start By Using The Garage Better

Do you need more space inside your home? The answer for many homeowners is to simply toss more stuff out into the garage to be stored haphazardly... and maybe never to be found again! But you can do your home's functionality and your own sanity a favor by using the garage space more wisely. Here are 4 ideas that can add usefulness to the garage and free up space inside the house, no matter whether your budget is small or large.

How To Inspect Your Chimney For Necessary Repairs

It's a good idea to give your chimney a close look each fall before fireplace season begins. This way you can catch any problems and have them repaired before you want to light a fire to take off the chill. Failure to keep a chimney in good working order can lead to chimney fires, which could put your entire home in peril. The following are a few things to look for before firing it up for the first time each season.